NASCAR steps up to the plate to make the sport more accessible to everyone. We talk about the positive moves, discuss Atlanta and Martinsville, debate the latest NASCAR news – and then make our picks for Homestead – with some fans in the stands!

The Rundown:

– NASCAR takes a stand on the Confederate Flag
– Bubba highlights the BLM movement in Atlanta and Martinsville
– NASCAR becomes more accessible to everyone – and the drivers step up to help.
– We discuss Atlanta and Martinsville – where track position reigns supreme
– Ratings – one race was good, the other…not so much – are Weekday races viable?
– The Facebook Venue experience…not quite there, yet. We can help.
– NASCAR News:
– The Dinger wins his first oval race
– Sauter gets DQ’ed from the Truck Race
– Minimum attendance requirements for tracks – does it make a difference?
– Fans will be allowed at Homestead and Talladega…just not a whole lot.
– Picks for Homestead!

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